The Hanged Man: Fool’s Gold:

New words: 1,238
Manuscript wordcount: 1,238 / 6,000
Deadline: None
Reason for stopping: Done for the evening.

Darling du jour: “Reflected in the mirror, directly at his side, stood such a tatterdemalion as was rarely seen in the lowest of the city streets, wearing a blackened grain sack above his head and a rough rope twisted around his neck like some obscene foreign dancer and her exotic pets. “

Today’s words Word doesn’t know: Unabating.
Sustenance: None.
Mean Things: None outside half-drunken irritability.
Other goal-related work: Vacation plans, .

Exercise: Bench press at 210 lbs, 35 minutes running.
Wild Wild Life: None.
Community: Russ & Pee-Nut, Jane on the phone.

The Internet is Full of Things: Legions of Rock!