I’ve fallen off the update wagon again, which is a pisser, to be honest. At least I have some good stuff to share today!

My friend Susan Sieber is an accomplished artist who specializes in hand-painting silk: she works with scarves, bags, banners and the like, and does a wonderful job with them. She’s also talented in drawing, but like any good artist, she continues to learn new techniques and skills.

Last weekend she asked for volunteers to pose for a project, and the divine Miss L and I agreed to do so. She took the photographs and sketched them out, one as a foreground character, one as background. I love the way it turned out!

Ivan and L hold court at Dawns.

Ivan and L hold court at Dawn's.

Susan’s usual style is more manga-oriented, and her comics gallery – including the very endearing Far Shores – can be found at her DeviantArt pages.