My editor at Apocalypse Ink Productions is beginning work on FAMISHED: THE COMMONS. This is a nervous time for me. The book has been through a lot of changes, and while I still believe it’s my best work to date … the possibility of further rework naturally exists. I’m being as Zen as possible, but seeing the announcement made public gave me butterflies in the stomach. That’s normal, I know. The funny thing is, I have less trouble sharing with a wider audience. The more people who are involved, the less stress I feel. Perhaps that’s a holdover from my theater background: Opening to a full house is far better than opening to your mom, your girlfriend, and a lone critic from the local alt-weekly. Is it easier for you to share your work with a wider or more selective audience? Any tips on keeping the butterflies at bay?

PS: Apocalypse Ink has also finished the final edits for Flotsam: Exile I by my esteemed colleague Peter M. Ball. I recommend keeping your eye on his new series – it’s sure to be fantastic!