The Spring Equinox is Thursday.

Every year, I look at where I’m at, what I’m doing, and where I want to be. I find it easier to do this now, rather than the traditional New Year’s Day, when the world’s frozen and dark.

Spring and its green winds give me a more hopeful and honest picture.


Anyone who knew me in my youth would be surprised by this, but the number one item on my must-do list is exercise. Developing a workout routine has become, and remains, the best thing I have ever done for myself and for my life. When I can’t create, I get cranky – when I can’t exercise, I get downright cruel. To myself and others. Having a chance to push my body and my boundaries still tops the list this coming year.


The second most important thing to me is to keep the words flowing. I’ve written more in 2013 than at any other time since college. Most of those words haven’t been seen – many of them haven’t been submitted. They remain still, and it’s time to give them wings in the wind. I will make 2014 my most prolific year of words yet, or I will know the reason why.


Have you met me? I like talking. I like speaking. I like attention, to be frank. Last year, a combination of poor habits and poor timing kept me from being able to be in the public eye as much as I wished. This year I have at least three projects already in the works, some soon to be announced, some not yet hatched – but all involving some form of performance.


As of last year, I own a house. It is, to be frank, in need of work. There’s paint peeling on the walls, ancient decorations left over from 2001, space filled with useless claptrap that could easily be removed. An offhand comment by a loved one has forced me to reassess my squalor, and at least the place is cleaner now than it was, with a weekly cleaning rota established and in good order. I’ve also talked to a number of friends in the interior decoration business, as well as dudes who are far handier than I with things like electricity and wiring. 2014 is the year I turn this house into my home.


The odds are good that even if we’re close, I haven’t seen you in a while. I can count on one hand the people outside my family whom I see more than once a month, and that’s simply not going to stand any longer. So many people who are important to me have fallen away – which I’m told is normal, it happens, as we age. Well, I’m tired of normal, and I’m certainly tired of age. I can’t reverse the age, but I can reverse the trend.

Spring has always been a time of resurrection, whether you see that in divinity or the orderly steps of the seasons.

I’m coming back.