On Dec. 7, Graveside Tales will release BEAST WITHIN 3: OCEANS UNLEASHED. This anthology of aquatic shapeshifters includes stories from such writers as Rosemary Jones, Amanda C. Davis, Nisi Shawl, Minerva Zimmerman and yours truly!

For all those who have asked before, Woman of War will be my first published fantasy work, set in a dark world of swords and sorcery, of drunken prophets and vicious pirate queens. The characters of Lev Mus, Morchka and Captain Fal-Atir are all old playmates of my unpublished efforts, as is the world of Dorath Vur.

Gary Brander – author of THE HOWLING – says, “The stories in here will make you think long and hard before going back into the water.”

Whether it’s dark fantasy or grim horror, I hope you find what you’re looking for in the pages of BEAST WITHIN 3.

Foreword by Jennifer Brozek
The Roe Girls by Mae Empson
Dry Run by Pete Kempshall
Wreckage by Rosemary Jones
Rites of Justice in Civilized Societies by Amanda C. Davis
Beyond the Reach of Moonlight by Jamie Lackey
The Murmur of Lorelei by Jason Andrew
Salt on the Dance Floor by Nisi Shawl
Mother Water by T. S. Bazelli
Beneath Feather and Fur by Minerva Zimmerman
Woman of War by Ivan Ewert
Trolling by Michael West
Safe by Mari Ness
Spawning Season by Montgomery Mullen
The Wedding Seal by Josh Reynolds
Hunger by Jennifer Pelland
The Summoned by Wendy Wagner

Cover art by Shane Tyree
Interior art by John Ward

Publisher: Graveside Tales