We’re expecting to launch FAMISHED: THE FARM in October 2012 through Apocalypse Ink Productions. I’m just now starting to understand how much has to go into the prep work for something like this! Fortunately, I’m surrounded by smart, savvy and creative people.

For those who find themselve in similar situations, I’ve put together the short-list of what I expect to need to do leading up to October. Buckle up, kids.

  1. Get a Post Office box. I’m not expecting a huge amount of reader mail, at least the printed kind; but it’s probably a good idea regardless.
  2. Establish a tagline for what I write. This was advice garnered from the Lauren Ruth, the wise woman behind SlushPile Tales.
  3. Complete and order business cards. My background in graphic design’s helping out here.
  4. Update the website. This website. I’ve got a number of tips in my hip pocket already from publisher Jennifer Brozek, and am stealing getting inspiration from other bloggers. Of course, this means stepping outside my RSS feed and actually going to their sites for a while …
  5. Establish a routine for blogging. Hey look, first post of that routine. Whaddayaknow?
  6. Press Releases. I’m lucky to count two media professionals among my gaming / friendship circles, who are eager to help here. As an author in a small town, that has a good chance of making a big splash locally.
  7. Library outreach. Again, I’m lucky to know several librarians around the country, to whom I’ll be putting questions. In addition, I’ve sat on the local library board in a volunteer position in the past; and hope to be able to work with them to set up an order for the book and possibly a speaking engagement.
  8. Readings. Local bookstores are sadly dead in my neck of the woods – it’s the Barnes & Noble or nothing. But I do work with the local theatre, and for a number of small businesses such as coffeeshops and wine bars. In addition, I’ve already had a few Chicago bookstores pointed out to me as being friendly to local authors and readings.
  9. Launch party. A dear group of friends are already working on this one. See “wine bar” above. Dawn Gerth and our circle of friends will see to this for the locals, while I’ll need to tap into some city folk to see who wants to open a living room or patio for a wider, if potentially less raucous, party.
  10. Conventions. That’s going to be the rub – finding and financing trips to at least one post-October Con. I’ve not typically gone to them in the past, and that’s clearly going to have to change.
  11. Finally: Keep writing. Keep writing new stuff, keep planning new stuff, keep scribbling down ideas in the dark of night. 1-10 are important, but if nothing new comes out of my head, the work of my hands will be short-lived.

What am I missing? Overstating or understating? Let me know at ivan@ivanewert.com.