Well, the holiday has passed us by and I think we did a pretty good job of it. I’ve updated the Flickr account with all the necessary photographic evidence, and probably some that was unnecessary.

Terry and Lisa Terry at the Fryer Leanne and Deborah Monique Gary, Deborah and Margaret

There was a perfectly fried turkey, my first experience with that method of cooking; and vegetarian lasagne for that side of the troupe. Spiral cut ham and squash casserole, mashed potatoes and plenty of stuffing, beer and wine and Maker’s Mark for the after-dinner conversation. I saw almost the whole crew from Evolve and made some new friends, from Arlington Heights to Poland and a few steps in between.

As usual, most of the actual party conversation has fled with the coming of dawn; but I remember talking about prison and sickness, about health and hope. I remember discussing families and friends and all the wonderful ways those two can intersect one another. I remember talking about plans and dreams and regrets and challenges, about great moments in history and Guitar Hero strategies.

Mostly, though, I remember the fun that I had, the warmth of a friend’s hearth and home on a chilly night and a short ride back to my own comfortable bed. This is the way I’d like to see the holidays: close at hand and light of heart.