My friends at the Raue Center have been wonderful clients for a long, long time. We recently redid their twin Web sites – and – as part of transitioning to a more user-friendly site for both clients and administrators. It was something of a challenge, but I’m very happy with the way it turned out!

The client wanted something cleaner, bolder and more modern looking than the original site. They wanted something they could update on their own, rather than reaching out to a third-party Web developer. There was a strong push toward integrating blog functionality and putting the social media efforts of the client easier to follow.

As a result, we decided on the WordPress format, which met all requirements listed. I worked closely with the Coraline theme from Automattic , keeping the basics unchanged while focusing on client requests for color change, graphic elements and social media integration.

Locating the proper widgets and applications turned into one of the most enjoyable aspects of the project, as did specific application of icons. Once launched, the admins have found it simple to maintain and keep up with.

I’m happy with the work – and, of course, being featured in some of the photos doesn’t hurt either. ::grin::