In April, the Raue Center for the Arts reached out for another logo development project. This was for the Sage Studio, their educational arts programs for all ages.

In this case I was given an existing logo and asked to develop something similar; a two-tone logo which included text clipping and masking. I delivered three thumbnails for their review:

Sage Sudio initial thumbnailsThe top left was chosen as the baseline, though the client did emphasize that they would like more clipping and masking of the text. As a result, I delivered four new treatments based on the thumbnail:

Sage 2nd DraftsThe client then asked to add a film-style clipboard in the background, operating off the top right of the four above logos. I found that keeping the “Studio” in place naturally failed when implementing the clipboard, so bumped it up in line with the “e” in Sage.

Sage with clipboardsThe bottom left logo was chosen as the final, which was delivered in .ai, .eps, and .jpg; along with versions for black, white, or transparent backgrounds. The entire project took less than five days.

Final treatment of Sage Studio logo