“Remember when Stephen King was actually scary? Remember Anne Rice before she switched to writing about Jesus all the time? For anyone looking for a creepy, engaging, sensual read, this link is for you.” –Jennifer Matol Bryant

Best. Review. Ever.

Fetishes, the second installment of my Idolwood series, is now available at the Edge of Propinquity website.

We see the Hanged Man in his chambers, spinning a fetch-box to replace the one among the foundations, and make the acquaintance of Idyllwood’s resident wise-woman, Edie Allaway, the gardener at the end of the road. Alexei finds another totem washed up along the riverbanks and brings it to Grey for consideration and comparison, though he won’t stay long enough to fully discuss it before his schedule calls him away.

With photography and props by the gifted Amber Clark, and hosted by the amazing Jennifer Brozek, the story continues to be my best work to date. Read the story online tonight. … and pleasant dreams.