In the latest good news to come out of the forge, I’ve sold another short story! This one to the Dark Quest Books invite-only anthology Human Tales, to be edited by the inestimable Jennifer Brozek.

What are Human Tales, you ask? Tales of warning and terror about mortals who break their vows and kill supernatural creatures for no reason other than malice. Tales of saving the lovely mortal princess from the horrible mortal prince and what it took to bring her home, of rescuing babies from unfit parents and leaving a changeling in the baby’s place to teach their mortal parents a lesson. These are Human Tales.

My short, Bloody Spindle, was accepted on August 28. I didn’t post about it here because I’d just redone the writing page, and wanted to be sure to have something to talk about later in the week, you see. LOGIC!

Edits are forthcoming, which I have actually come to look forward to. I used to hate the idea of editing my stories, but a side effect of levelling up as a writer is the ability to recognize when people are making your work a lot better. Not taking it personally was my biggest challenge, which I’m over at this point.

Today saw a good amount of work on the novel, with high hopes to get some more short story work done this evening. However, I’ve got three sites to work on before that can happen, and a campaign game to put the final touches on for the crew of Adveriad … so those words may need to chew through their restraints with the dawn instead of dusk.