It’s the holiday season in downtown Crystal Lake, which naturally translates into a bit more demand among the local merchants. I’ve been lucky enough to include my wife among these clients, and we spent some time yesterday working out the flyer below (Click the image for a larger version).

2008 Triskele Moon Studios holiday flyer Now, full disclosure insists that the central image isn’t mine. It’s from a wonderful artist named Lynne Lancaster from the U.K, and it was found as one of her Stock Xchange uploads. L loved the bright richness of the blues, the fading snowflakes, and the crisp elegance of the tree’s spirals – a favorite symbol of hers, obviously.

I took the image and made a few adjustments: placing the triskele symbol of the studios in the large snowflake on the upper right, and fading it out with a gradient and color designed to mimic that of the background image. I also added some white triskeles to the tree, which were eventually removed – they really were overdoing it a bit, and crowding the elegance of the original design.

Placement of the text came next. I played around with using the whitespace at the bottom, but that really didn’t call any attention to the logo or show dates, which is why we’re designing the flyers in the first place. Using the same font size for the announcement and logo alike worked out well this time around, since we’re looking at three lines and three lines, and stacking them alongside the tree turned out to balance the left-right aspect of the flyer nicely.

Below, I listed the locations and dates of the show. We struggled with two things here: Firstly, do we name the town, and secondly, do we list the times? The town was an easy refusal – these flyers are only going up on Williams Street businesses, at the client’s preference, so there’s no need to throw in an extra line for that information. Honestly, we’re talking about a two-block radius of saturation.

The times were more difficult to agree on. Evolve is open different hours on Saturday and Sunday, meaning we have to list two different times or just list the Sunday hours and accept that you won’t get early risers on Saturday. In the end, we agreed to list the phone numbers for the stores, and allow people to call in to get the times. I’m interested to see how that decision pans out in the end as far as customer turnout goes.

The white area at the bottom was still too large for me to be comfortable with. Adding the quote from L’s artist’s statement underneath the tree helped quite a bit, but now we had the Sahara Blanc in the left bottom … and a page laid out entirely in white and shades of blue.

The photos of the jewelry was an easy choice, but choosing the images? That took longer than any other aspect of the design. Eventually we settled on the newer pair of earrings (in copper), the “Create Peace” necklace in fine silver, and the “Shaman’s Necklace” to display the new holiday fiber work she’s begun to focus on. Doing this lets us focus on two new and one older piece, while giving the central image an ink-black background that immediately draws the eye toward the show dates.

I printed them up on HP Glossy Photo Paper, which really popped the blues and the photos! It looks completely different than it does on the screen – deeper, more vibrant, and completely eye-catching. We gave them to the stores yesterday and got a fantastic response all around – in fact, Le Petit Marche asked for more than one, so she could display it in several places. Dawn, the owner, is a wonderful woman and I’m happy to have her in our corner.