Evan Dahm, creator of Rice Boy, has a new Webcomic called Order of Tales. It began in July, I found it today. It’s not too early to start catching up on it, and if it’s half as good as Rice Boy was, I can’t recommend it highly enough.


As a writer, I appreciate what he does with words. If I were inclined to find fault I’d say his characters often sound similar to one another. Still, I always hear the voices in my mind, clear and distinct, as though a favorite uncle were telling a story chapter by chapter as we fell asleep.

Visually, I admire what he does. Dahm’s style is not for everyone, but that hasn’t stopped him from picking up a pen and illustrating his stories. They would be less in pure literary form – the dream he creates is as much visual as it is auditory, and I find that inspiring.

Dahm’s worlds are strange and beautiful – he reminds me of L. Frank Baum, though he has never shied from putting true and meaningful violence in his tales. From Rice Boy’s Ascension to the seige of Themb’s tower, there is weight behind what happens in this seemingly childlike world. We do not expect Glinda the Good to descend in a bubble, with a happy answer for all the disappointment that we have witnessed. Instead, we cheer for the victory of the small and good creatures who have endured those disappointments in Dahm’s mind and our own.