It’s been an odd week. While my wonderful coach, Suzanne Ness of Living Forward, helped me suss out the first part of what was bothering me, I just got the second part this morning.

Often, a small task I’ve been asked to accomplish gets set aside. It’s something I know won’t take me more than fifteen minutes, so it can wait. What happens next is the snowball effect – another small task gets put aside, then another, then another. They’re invisible, though; small and beneath my notice, so even though they’re piling up in my subconscious I don’t realize how much they’ve started to weigh.

There’ll usually be a two to three day period in which I get snarly and snappish with the people around me, getting more and more frustrated with smaller and smaller things. Then one day, I’ll look up and realize exactly what’s happening, as well as how to fix it.

Step one: Apologize to the folks I’ve snapped at.

Step two: Long hot shower and general clean-up.

Step three: Leap into furious action and clean up the verdamnten list already.

Steps one and two are complete. It’s time to get moving.