So okay. I’m desperately unmotivated right now, partly because I know how much crap I have sitting around that really needs to get done. The long-term planning thing is not so much my bag.

I’m going to appeal to my basest, most childike nature.

By Sunday night, if I have:

  1. Completed the MCCC work for pro-choice site work (edit: done!),
  2. Completed the Raue Center work for theatre site work (edit: holy crap, essentially done!),
  3. Set up my meeting with Benedict’s for restaurant site work (edit: done!),
  4. Done final edits and submitted the short story, Glorious Hands (edit: done!),
  5. Completed the drafts for May’s Solstice story (edit: done!), and
  6. Finished the poster designs for Triskele Moon Studio’s mother’s day show (edit: done!),…

Then I get this and I don’t let myself talk myself out of it the way I always do when I try to buy myself something fun that is not food or alcohol-based.

Which basically means if you see me fucking around on Facebook, for the love of god, slap me.