The projects have been flying fast and furious of late, and while that’s a very good thing for the bank account and creative juices, it’s historically left little time for blogging. However, seeing that the work is actually getting done, I figure it’s time (and past time) to start sharing what’s new again.

La Bellissima Web siteLast night the Web site for La Bellissima went live. La Bellissima is Crystal Lake’s first upscale lingerie boutique, and Kathleen Basista (the owner) is one of the most charming and pleasant people you’ll ever meet. She wanted to use a few specific elements in the site – her pink and chocolate color scheme, the sketch of a young lady dressing at her table, and the wonderful photography of both our mutual friend Susan Sieber and the photographers who worked on the Web sites for her manufacturers.

The pink by itself seemed a little overwhelming to me, so I added in the art nouveau flourishes seen in the sidebar. That led to the decision to place another in the area behind the photographs, which softened the blockiness of the photos and gave them a more organic, flowing, sensual feel.

I’m happy to say that Kathy was pleased with the end result. Last night L and I visited the shop – as La Bellissima also sells Triskele Moon Studios‘ jewelry, and the display cases needed to be filled, we figured we’d kill two birds with one stone by showing up together. They were preparing for an evening lingerie party, so a bottle of champagne was liberated to celebrate the launch of the new site.

Such is the life of a designer. Rough, huh?