My wife, Leanne, is the guiding hand, head, heart and soul of Triskele Moon Studios. She turns out exquisite jewelry day after day, all of it one of a kind and individually created without the aid of assistants or machinery. The Studios have been running for nearly three years now, and she’s managed to make it her full-time job. I couldn’t be prouder of her or of what she’s done.

This past weekend saw a lot of work. While we normally sell to local shops, on Friday she had her first ever art gallery opening in Lakeside, Michigan. While I’ll let her tell most of the story on her own site, the real story for me is that we got the kick in the pants we needed to set up said site. is now open as an informational site for anyone interested in the art of fine jewelry design. The online store is not quite ready for prime time, but I’ll be sure to post a note when it is. In the meantime, I’m focusing on adding the little graphic touches that make a site more attractive and user-friendly over the next week or so. Keep checking back to learn more about the jewelry and to see how a graphic site evolves over time.