Triskele Moon Studios V-Day Poster

Leanne’s next show will take place on February 5 & 6 at Evolve. That’s 54 N Williams Street in Crystal Lake, IL, from 10-5 each day.

The posters will be going up this morning around breakfast time. I’ve designed them around the excellent imagery of Italian designer Gabriella Fabri of the Stock XChange, who has been kind enough to create a number of excellent stock vector graphics for use in our projects.

The only thing we disagreed with on this poster was the use of the Samhain Tree necklace (upper left) – while it’s more of an autumnal piece that doesn’t suit itself to Valentine’s Day, I felt the color choices matched so well that we had to use it. We’ll be taking more photos this week to make sure we have a wider selection next time ; )

Hope to see you at the show!