Apex Books today released the table of contents for Close Encounters of the Urban Kind:

Alma Alexander – I Am Sorry for Talking So Rarely to Strangers
Erik Scott de Bie – Racing Lights
Richard Lee Byers – End of Life
Nate Crowder – Frames of Reference
Ivan Ewert – Waterheads
Robert Farnsworth – A Late Night Snack
Pete Kempshall – Dead Letter Drop
Carole Johnstone – The Invitation
Rosemary Jones – Two Out, Wendigo
Martin Livings – Lollo
Eric Lowther – It Came from the Backseat
Ramsey Lundock – Tea Cups & Saucers
Shannon Page – The Hippie Monster of Eel River
Joshua Palmatier – Mastihooba
Jennifer Pelland – Headlights
Rick Silva – Roadkill
Jeff Soesbe – Green Tears on Black Velvet
Eddy Webb – Gloomy Sunday

In addition, Apex Magazine will publish a companion Apex Digest issue featuring Mark Henry and Seanan McGuire when the anthology publishes in Spring 2010.