Famished at GenCon 50!

GenCon is typically a vacation for me, but a working vacation in many ways. This year, with the release of FAMISHED: THE GENTLEMEN GHOULS OMNIBUS, there were obviously things to be done!

I signed every print copy of the book we had on hand. My signature is notoriously bad, but it gets better as I repeat it, so by the end were doing well. I spent a little time – not as much as
I should – in Authors’ Alley, working to inform people about both my books and others from Apocalypse Ink Productions.

It’s not a terribly onerous job, though it can be demoralizing. I work the booth for Triskele Moon Studios jewelry on a regular basis, and while it’s easy to entice art lovers to look at jewelry, it’s a much harder task getting gamers to stop to discuss fiction – especially when that’s all the area is selling!

Still, being an extrovert certainly helps. I don’t know how more introverted artists and authors manage it, and I salute their fortitude every time I see them sitting quietly behind a desk. It’s also a trick learning to read introverts or the very shy, so that I don’t upset or startle them with too many loud words as they pass by. I like to think I’m okay at this.

We nearly sold out of the print edition! That was a high point, to be sure. And while I didn’t purchase as many books as I’d have liked, personally; I’ve got a shopping list for the post-convention season both to support my fellow writers and to find new and exciting works of fiction.

The high point of the Con, though, came in the aftermath of my first sale.

While I was manning the booth with Jenn on Friday, we had a visit from a wonderful young woman who was shopping for her stepdaughter.

“What does she like to read?” Jenn inquired – a common question from her.

“Horror, mostly.” The answer that’s music to my ears! We talked for a few minutes before she agreed to purchase the book, and we asked if she’d like it personalized. I heard from her stepdaughter that evening with a joyful excitement, and when she found out it was the first sale of the first book of my Con, she was thrilled! It turned out they came back the next day to buy a second copy, as they didn’t want to damage the first one by reading it.

I have to tell you, that was a great moment. It’s hard for me to imagine someone having that level of respect for what I’ve done, for where I am. I do sincerely wish I had been there to personalize the second book, but it still makes a great story; and if I ever do meet them again I promise to make it right.


Reading Event: Thursday, June 12

I’m pleased to announce that Dawn Gerth of Le Petit Marche has organized a local authors’ event for the evening of Thursday, June 12!

The evening will include readings from my upcoming horror novel, FAMISHED: THE COMMONS, as well as Mary Gustafson’s Buddhist biography My Wish, Elizabeth Harmon‘s upcoming Victorian romance Thief of Hearts, and Rick Copper‘s collected short stories from Lifetime of Moratoriums.

The four of us – each specializing in different themes, modes and moods – will also discuss the writing process, editing, publishing, and answer questions from the audience.

Join us in historic downtown Crystal Lake, Illinois for good food, fine wine, and plenty of conversation.

Panel Event: Crystal Lake, IL

Good news, everybody!

I will be part of an author’s panel at Le Petit Marche in downtown Crystal Lake, IL on Thursday, August 15 at 7:00 PM.

I’m very excited to read both from my first book in the Gentleman Ghoul series, FAMISHED: THE FARM, but also a never-before revealed selection from the upcoming sequel, FAMISHED: THE COMMONS; currently in its final editing stage for Apocalypse Ink Productions.

The excitement is compounded by the fact that I’ll be joined by three other local writers from northwest Illinois.

M.E. May is currently writing a series of novels involving the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, which she calls the Circle City Mystery Series. The first novel, Perfidy, explores the depths of human perception and to what lengths a person will go in seeking revenge. Perfidy was honored on February 2, 2013, by colleagues at the Love is Murder Conference in Chicago, when Michele received the 2013 Lovey Award for Best First Novel. The second novel, Inconspicuous, was released on July 13, 2013. The third novel in the series, Ensconced, is set to be released November 15, 2013.

Annie Hansen was named the winner of the Helen McCloy Mystery Writers of America Scholarship in 2011 for her submission of Give Me Chocolate. Annie is the author of The Kelly Clark Mystery Series.

Mary Gustafson is the author of My Wish: To Fill the People With Joy, A Monk That Brought Happiness to America, about the journey of Bhante Sujatha and the Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple in Woodstock, Illinois.

The evening will begin with each of us taking 10-12 minutes to discuss our books, provide our readings, and briefly answer any audience questions about our books. There will be a short break after the first two readings, followed by the second set; after which we will begin the actual panel and take audience questions as a group.

I look forward to sharing a table with these fellow authors, and bringing a bit of toothy horror to a pleasant evening out.

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