Famished: The Farm (Apocalypse Ink Productions, 2012): The debut novel of Chicago-based author Ivan Ewert.

“The book is based on Ewert’s web series Vorare, that was previously published by The Edge of Propinquity webzine. Famished, which contains themes of isolation, cannibalism, and familial ties, has given members of the AIP staff shivers and nightmares.” – Apocalypse Ink Productions

Space Tramps: Full-Throttle Space Tales #5 (Flying Pen Press, 2011): They are the lost people of a space faring society—the jilly, the orphan, the stowaway, the tramp, the refugee, the nomad, the rebel, and the gypsy. They are the people that the rest of the universe has forgotten. Unloved, uncared for, they are the ones who must find the secret spaceports and the hidden hyperwaves in order to live. They are Space Tramps and they know how to survive. Includes Ivan’s short story, Backup.

Human Tales (Dark Quest Books, 2011): Be Wary and Beware … There are tales that every parent knows and must pass on to their child … Tales of warning and terror … of those who break their vows and kill for no reason other than malice. Tales of saving the lovely princess from a prince that is much less than charming … and what it takes to bring her home, of rescuing babes from parents not fit to raise them, and the reason no supernatural can truly win a bargain with such vile creatures. These are Human Tales. Includes Ivan’s short story, Bloody Spindle.

Close Encounters of the Urban Kind (Apex Books, 2010): We’ve all heard the stories of what happens to those who go to lovers’ lane and of the folly of flashing your lights at another car at night. We all know someone who knows someone that survived a meeting with Bloody Mary and another who picked up a hitchhiker that then disappeared. And we all know these stories aren’t true. They’re just urban legends. Right? Wrong. Sometimes the stories we hear are true. Often they’re more than they seem. These are the urban legends with alien explanations and the alien encounters mistaken for urban legends. The line between one and the other is so blurred in this anthology of stories about Close Encounters of the Urban Kind that you will never look another urban legend the same way again. Includes Ivan’s short story, Waterheads.

Grants Pass (Morrigan Books, 2009): The apocalypse has arrived. Humanity was decimated by bio-terrorism; three engineered plagues were let loose on the world. Just a year before the collapse, Grants Pass, Oregon, USA, was publicly labelled as a place of sanctuary in a whimsical online, “what if” post. Now, it has become one of the last known refuges, and the hope, of mankind. Would you go to Grants Pass based on the words of someone you’ve never met? Includes Ivan’s short story, Men of Faith.

The Edge of Propinquity ( is a series of short stories from four different authors in four different universes exploring the world that lurks just beneath the surface of everyday life. It is the world of the unexplained, supernatural, magic, horror, duty, responsibility, black humor, conspiracy, unknown heritage and power. This semiprozine is updated on the 15th of every month and includes the following series from Ivan:

Ivan’s work has also appeared in past issues of Alimentum: The Literature of Food.

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