It was bound to happen sooner or later …

My friend Dawn Gerth, of Le Petit Marché bakery and wineshop in Crystal Lake, Illinois; serves Saturday lunch plates and Sunday brunches which have become local legends. For the month of January, she’s chosen to honor the publication of FAMISHED: THE FARM with two dishes!

FAMISHED: THE SANDWICH is made of pulled pork in a whiskey barbecue sauce, smothered in grilled onions and served on a pretzel bread. They will be served on Saturdays; while the FAMISHED NO MORE brunch consists of a layer of potato pancakes topped with pulled pork, fried eggs and grilled onions with barbecue sauce on the side – perfect with a Bloody Mary.

I’m inordinately pleased to have entered the local ranks of Sandwich celebs! If you find yourself in McHenry County, do yourself a favor and stop by to try these new concoctions – you can put off your resolutions for at least one day.