When I dreamed of writing as a young man, even before I’d put a single word on paper, the most important element of my fantasy was to be able to dedicate “the book” to someone.

Who it would be varied. My parents, my sister, my teachers, my friends? Always, though, giving thanks to someone who supported me was a key element of what I wanted to do when I was published.

Years later, when my father was in his final days, I asked if there was anything I could do when he was gone. He asked me to pursue this dream – to write.

Then I wrote FAMISHED: THE FARM, and ran into the situation of having too many people to be thankful for. It’s a good situation, and it’s one I hope comes to all of you as you pursue your own paths. I realized (with the help of Jennifer Brozek) that you don’t need to select a single person to thank. You can cast a net, and let as many people know as possible that they had a hand in your dream come true.

In this season of thanks and of giving, it occurs to me that I can be as public as possible. It also occurs to me that I’m looking forward to thanking many, many more people over the coming years and decades of pursuing this wonderful craft.

So below is the acknowledgements page of FAMISHED: THE FARM, in its entirety. Happy Thanksgiving, all. I’m so happy that you are a part of my life, or my memories …

Too many wonderful people have had a hand in this book and in my career. If your name is omitted below, it is only because I hope to dedicate a copy to you personally.

Let me say up front that I would not still be writing were it not for Jennifer Brozek’s inspiration, example, and faith in me. Thank you.

I owe a debt to the readers who reviewed the rough drafts of this book, including T. J. Cimfel, Kerry Devine, Jeff Meaders, Dan Steele and Anastasia Lynn Storer. Their insight and commentary was invaluable, as was the final polish of the inestimable Lilian Cohen-Moore.

A special thank you to my wife, Leanne, who may never read my dark fiction but who remains the light of my days.

To my sister, Katrina, who has always believed in me, and to my mother, Mary, who showed me that strength and grace can coexist even in the most difficult of times.

And to my father, Craig Colby Ewert. You will always be the one I’m writing for.