It’s been a really great 24 hours.

I got an invitation to submit to a new anthology with an editor I trust and admire, and had the beautiful feeling of knowing exactly what I wanted to write about within five minutes of reading the premise.

I’ve been able to prepare for and announce a staged reading of JD Salinger’s The Laughing Men at my favorite local establishment, where my favorite refreshment – Manhattans – will be served during the reading. I was asked to write my own promotional materials and provide a headshot, both of which were well-received.

I spent good time in the snow with the shovels, getting exercise while feeling useful. I jotted notes for my coaching and development homework and had a couple satori moments in the making. I was sent home early from work, but still managed to oversee the two largest deadline projects and bring them in under the wire. I got a free lunch from Corner Bakery and more than a few compliments from some wonderful quarters.

I was struck with ideas for both new stories and new art projects on an evening that is going to keep me shut in all night.

Happy Candlemas, happy groundhog day, happy blizzard. It’s a day I don’t think I’ll forget, and the day ain’t over yet.